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It's all about the mural!

It's all about the mural!


As bold wall coverings and figurative wallpapers go from strength to strength, we are seeing a new player in town on the interiors scene. Welcome to the dramatic and indulgent world of the mural! 

Years ago when I embarked upon my career in the interiors industry, the mere thought of a mural would send a shudder down my spine. How could client's request something so tacky? The typical wants of solar systems or cheap photographed tropical landscapes were ok for kid's rooms I supposed, or on the other end of the spectrum you would have beautifully crafted but terribly traditional designs of twee birds perching daintily on over ladened branches. This may have been stunning for a country retreat but was not quite right for your modern new build or trendy pad.

Today things have moved on. Amongst alternative mural designs of clever geometrics interlaced with animals and retro inspired offerings, there is an abundance of new wave, bird themed murals available, transforming the most bland room into something quite magical. 

I personally love this classic styled bird design with Flamingos. Flamingos are so hot right now and teaming this mural with mid century inspired furniture and accessories gives this classic mural a modern twist and creates a perfect up to date luxe look. Love!

I think it's time to rid myself of my pre conceptions and embrace the mural! 


Calling Out For Colour!

Calling Out For Colour!

We need more colour in our lives!

Living in a country where it is often a rarity to be blessed with glorious sunny days, it still baffles us as to why so many people shrink away from using colour in their homes. Just because it's grey outside it doesn't mean we have to reflect this on the inside.

Ok so we understand that maybe having bold colours and patterns everywhere may be a bit full on and not everyone's cup of tea, but executed in the right way, you can bring warmth and colour to your schemes and still have an easy living vibe by using neutrals as your main ground.

Did I say no greys?! Well actually I must admit I love grey, but use it as a neutral base rather than all grey, grey, grey! Then create stunning colour schemes by introducing bold, block accent colours such as mustard yellow, orange, fuchsia or emerald green and teal.

"We need to keep it neutral incase we move" I have heard this so many times from clients. My answer to this is, "Life is short, do what you want, not what you think other people might want, be daring and be bold!" Even if it is just starting with a colour scheme. We have to start somewhere! :) xx