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Julian Chichester

Julian Chichester Furniture

Imagine beautifully crafted classic furniture and accessories with an eccentric, English twist. This is how we would describe the timeless Julian Chichester brand.

Inspired by travels in Burma and Thailand many years ago, Julian originally sourced antique furniture to sell in his shop on the Portobello Road, but being a creative soul he was soon designing his own furniture, combining the time honoured skills of the Far East with a quintessentially English accent.

The designs that flow from the Julian Chichester family emanate a bohemian vibe as does their relaxed, friendly way of doing business, which in this corporate modern world is a breath of fresh air. You can see how something that started with such humble beginnings has evolved into a sought after designer furniture brand that is show cased in luxury hotels and design savvy homes across the globe.

Each piece offers something just that little bit different, whether it be the exciting use of alternative finishes such as their classic styled desks finished in variegated velum, or the unusual shapes and forms that their quirky side tables employ. Check out the duck billed side table in solid blackened brass.   

Julian Chichester experiment with texture and form like no other company does and yet it is pulled off in a simple elegant way. Look at their Portobello, Abbado or Regency wave cabinet and you will understand what we mean. They also have a penchant for taking traditional pieces such as their range of upholstered chairs and transform them with bold, large scale modern prints. This is far more interesting than upholstering in a classic reproduction print and yes this formula does work in both traditional and modern settings.

The Julian Chichester furniture range is inspired by classical and mid century design, which is why it manages to always find its place in well thought out interiors. Their relaxed yet impressive styling is equally fit for a luxe hotel or suitable to nestle nicely in a cosy home.