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Chandelier Chic

Chandelier Chic

There is nothing that creates more of a statement than a stunning chandelier. Whether it be to create a wow centre piece above a dining table or a jaw dropping feature cascading down the centre of a stairwell, chandeliers certainly add instant glamour and impact to an interior scheme.

The trend at the moment definitely leans towards a modern take on traditional themes or a cheeky twist on everyday items incorporated into quirky chandeliers. I can't get enough of the crazy teapot chandelier from the great British brand Original BTC Lighting, who would have thought teapots could look so cool as a light! Tea Pot Chandelier 

If crazy cool is not quite your thing, there are a plethora of alternative designs on the market right now which suit every style and budget, from retro or art deco inspired chandeliers to whimsical artistic creations. To wet your taste buds for all things chandelier here are my top five picks.

Understated and elegant, I love this chandelier Conniston Antique Brass Chandelier Inspired by the art Deco era, the gorgeous geometric antique brass frame is set off with drum shades, which are available in a choice of different coloured silks and satins.


This stunning chandelier from R V Astley R V Astley Della Chandelier with hanging nickel chains is great if you are looking for a modern chandelier and it is not a bad price too. I love the symmetrical design and the overall light airy feel to this chandelier.

A similar vibe to the light above, this hand crafted chandelier by Tiger Moth Silver Chain Shallow Chandelier is lovingly made by Great British craftsmen. Hundreds of fine silver chains form the circular tiered chandelier, which when lit up creates an incredible opalescent glow.

Always one to offer something a little different this chandelier by Delightfull Cosmo Chandelier has a definite retro vibe to it, taking its inspiration from planets and the solar system, the spheres rotate creating flexible lighting solutions, plus it just looks very cool of course!

Of course my favourite picks would not be complete without adding the gorgeous Falling Angel chandelier from Terzani 36 Fallen Angel Suspension Light Designed by Nigel Coates these delicate crystal angels illuminated by halogen lights look like they are falling from heaven. 

The Art of Accessorising

The Art of Accessorising

The most exciting part of working on an interior project is the last hectic week where all your hard work finally comes together and the vision that you have held in your mind for so long becomes a reality. 

The decorating and furnishings are complete, the right lighting creates the perfect ambience and the scene is almost set, but not quite. To complete your masterpiece there is one crucial piece to the jigsaw that is a necessity for a perfectly balanced scheme; home accessories.


leaf dishes

Gorgeous gold leaf dishes

Having worked on many interior design projects, the one thing that I have found along the way is that many clients are all too keen to proceed with the main body of the scheme but do not always appreciate the importance of accessorising.

Imagine dressing for a stylish evening out, you have the perfect dress, the gorgeous shoes, job done.....I don't think so! You wouldn't dream of leaving the house without completing your look, balancing your outfit with a statement necklace or at least some understated earrings and a cute clutch to go. The same applies for any home decor scheme, if you only place furniture and curtains in a room and no home accessories, your home will always look like it is in a state of undress.

If you have a coffee table in a room, dress it. Coffee tables look great dressed with a layered look, choose large decorative trays to create an impact, with luxury magazines or stylish books that create a talking point when friends pop by, plus for you to enjoy of course. Position a mix of candle holders or perhaps a trinket tray. Create interest on the coffee table without going too crazy of course, you need to leave space so you can actually use the table as well.

coffee table

Georgian style project

Similar rules apply to side tables, console tables and shelving units, home accessories should be balanced and create a layered effect. For example a cluster of varied sized photo frames in groups of three, mixed up with a few ornaments creates a great composition. If using candles, again position a few together in varying sizes, accessories always look more effective when grouped in clusters.

candles holders

White diamond cut candle holders

Once tables, shelves and sideboards are suitably dressed without going overboard (unless you want to go for the cluttered Victorian vibe) then move your attention to the walls. This is an equally important area that is sometimes sadly neglected. Wall art and decorative mirrors are equally important for creating not only interest and colour on walls but for also creating depth to a room, there is nothing worse than a bare wall. Decorative Mirrors are particularly fantastic for transforming a room, creating illusions of space in small rooms or helping bring light into darker schemes, but I will cover that in more depth another time.

Notre monde mirrors 

Notre monde round mirrors

The role of the home accessory is essential to every schemes success, they are not just there to fill a space or as an after thought but to help create a balanced interior scheme. Home accessories are used as colour accents in home decor, for example if I am designing a room using deep teals and emerald greens for the main hues then I will bring in gold or copper accessories, which contrast brilliantly against the darker colours and lift the scheme. Without contrasting accessories the scheme would look lifeless and flat.

 Gold pineapple jars

Gold pineapple decorative jars

Most importantly after you take into account all of the above, the humble home accessory achieves  one last very important thing, personalising your space and making your house feel like a home. Have fun accessorising. :)